Downtown Laurinburg


Held September 25, 2021



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You can’t have a Soul of the Carolinas without big helping of soul. Scotland County has a rich African American cultural heritage which goes all the way back to the earliest years of the republic. In fact, many of our local families have ties and traditions that extend back to the time before the Civil War.

The annual celebration of this rich fabric of art and culture is known as Kuumba. Kuumba means “creativity” and the Kuumba festival lives up to that billing. A celebration of African history and culture, Kuumba feature dancing and drumming, storytelling and socializing, as well as a musical menu that runs from gospel to jazz.

Presented by the African American Heritage Committee, Kuumba is truly an event for the whole community, with live entertainment, delicious foods, fine art and crafts . The festival is generally held the last weekend of September and takes place in downtown Laurinburg.