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Lumber River,
A Unique Paddling Experience

One of the best ways to experience the unique characteristics of the Lumber River is by paddling down its mysterious black waters.. 

You’ll experience miles of natural settings that one would normally expect in highly isolated areas.  Paddlers can select between a variety of paddling challenges and trip lengths.  Trips can vary from one hour along some river sections to several days navigating the entire river.

The river provides a variety of flatwater opportunities.  The upper sections of the river require greater paddling skills than the lower sections because of fallen trees, narrow stream widths, and somewhat swifter water.  The meandering nature of the river and the force of unseen currents provide challenging variations in navigability to paddlers.

The river has been divided into recreation water trails and has 24 water access points at road intersections; 7 of which are in the northern section.