Scotland's Outdoors

To appreciate our landscape, imagine what it must have been like not hundreds of years ago, but millions of years in the past. The sand hills of Scotland County actually mark the shoreline of an ancient ocean and the observant can still make out a line of dunes near Moore County.

The porous soil and low-lying areas have given rise to an interesting habitat defined by longleaf pine trees and scrubby blackjack oaks, interspersed with bogs and swamps where knobby-kneed cypress trees hold sway. Wandering through this landscape is the Lumber, a wild and scenic river cloaked in green.

These gentle hills and fields are home to a number of interesting animals, fauna and flora, including barred owls, ducks, herons and other waterfowl, deer and beaver, mountain laurel, wild azalea and spider lilies, and even the odd pitcher plant.

Just as important, the land gives access to a variety of pursuits, including the grand old game of the Scots—golf--wine tasting, hiking and paddlesports, or simply a picnic with friends and family in our public parks. Plan a weekend to explore, or simply relax.